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Why Chitwan Elephant Safari Tour?

  • Visit Historical and cultural town Kathmandu.
  • Enjoy such wonderful scenic drive from Kathmandu to Chitwan.
  • In Chitwan National park, visit Elephant breeding center, Cultural Tharu stick Dance, canyoning, Elephant back safari and Jungle walk
  • Observe quite some rare wild animals including one horn Rhinoceros,
  • Enjoy the taste of local food while you are in Chitwan Sauraha.

Chitwan Elephant Safari Tour begins after your Kathmandu world heritage sightseeing tour. It is mostly Cultural Heritage sites about Hinduism and Buddism. The 5-hour scenic drive takes you to Chitwan Sarauha which is one of the biggest National parks of Nepal and it is a popular Elephant Safari spot and Wildlife observing the area.

The Chitwan Elephant Safari Tour offers you a wide range of vegetation. In fact, the Chitwan national park is home to the greatest diversity of animals and plants on the Indian sub-continent. Here you can find 700 species of wildlife including the King Cobras and rock Pythons, starred TortoiseMonitor Lizards, Mugger crocodiles, Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Honey badgers, Peacocks and the second largest population of Asian one Horn Rhinoceros.

The best way to get up close to these Animals is by booking an Elephant safari as this does not disturb the Wildlife. Your national park Guide will lead you through the Jungle, searching for the jungle’s many inhabitants and then invite you to treat your Elephant to a refreshing bath in the River. Here you can then explore the area by Dugout Canoe where crocodiles are spotted basking in the sun. This area is a bird watchers’ Paradise with hundreds of birds coming to feed here. An adventurous walk through the Jungle will allow you to experience the natural beauty of the area.

Wildlife is not the only drawing card of the Chitwan Elephant Safari Tour. The local Tharu people have a unique culture with decorated houses and the hypnotic stick dance, an experience that you should not miss while visiting Chitwan. The Chitwan Jungle safari Tour is a relaxing activity where you can meet nature and all its animals up close. Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour is also flexible if you time you can extend your holiday to Pokhara which is one of the best city has many lakes and you can see much snow cap mountains from there as it is the gateway of Annapurna region trek.

Chitwan Elephant Safari Tour Outline

Day 1: Arrive Chitwan.

Day 2: Explore Chitwan National Park.

Day 3; Drive from Chitwan to kathmandu.

Day by Day Itinerary

When you arrive at Sauraha Chitwan at the bus park, there will be a guy from your hotel to pick up you. The Hotel staff will transfer to your Hotel and let you rest and give you short information about your trip. The time scheduled of your day is bellows:

13.00: Lunch break at the Hotel.

15.00: Tharu cultural Village walking with your Guide provided by your hotel. The real local life and their way of living will be clearly seen while walking along the village. After that your Guide will show you Elephant breeding center and National Park Visitor’s center.

19.00: Tharu Cultural dance show in the hall near your Hotel.

20.00: Dinner time at your Hotel.

06.00: Wake up call from the hotel.

06.30: Breakfast time.

07.00: Canoe ride on Rapti River. It is an excellent opportunity for Bird Watching and for seeing the 2 rare species of crocodiles; the Marsh Mugger and the fish eating Gharial. Then we walk in to the Jungle to see wild animals and return Hotel.

13.00: Lunch time at the hotel.

15.00: Elephant Safari in the forest. It is an excellent opportunity too few different types of Deers, One Horn Rhinoceros, Wild Boar, Wild White Monkey, Leopard, Sloth Bear and the Royal Bengal Tiger. The next you can see small animals too in the national park.

20.00: Dinner time.

06.00: Wake up call from your hotel,

06.30: Eat Breakfast,

07.00: Visit to the Government Elephant Breeding Center,

10.00: Departure for onward journey.

Departure Dates

Sorry, No fixed departure dates are listed to group join, please request private trip