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Major 8 Facts about Namche bazaar

25 Mar 2019 NEG

Major 8 Facts about Namche bazaar

Namche  Bazaar (3,440 m) is a popular Touristic area located to the North East of Kathmandu and it is a popular Sherpa town in the mountain and a gateway of Everest base camp, Gokyo Chola pass, island peak, and other trekking routes of the Everest region. Major 8 Facts about Namche bazaar is a common question from every single trekker in this region as it is beautiful Sherpa settlements.

Namche Bazaar itself is truly Paradise hilly Sherpa settlements shaped like U and it is in an unconventional location. In the Northside of  Namche there are two popular Sherpa villages Kunde and Khumjung similarly in the eastern parts of Namche there are stunning high mountains Ama Dablam, Thamserku, Lhotse & Mt. Everest.

There are many lodges Cafes, Bakery, Banks, ATM Machine, Monastery, small mart &Museum. In this small town,n you can still communicate with your outside world as they have modern technologies.

Namche Bazaar is a perfect Sherpa settlement where hundreds of trekkers spent the night each day as it is located on the edge of the Mountain so people have to spend one day on the way to EBC or Gokyo trek.

It is the gateway of high Everest region trek offers you an immense opportunity to see Stunning views of Snowcap Mountains, peaks, valleys,s and many excellent.

It is one of the wealthiest trekking settlements of Nepal as they have thousands of trekkers each day and exports local products abroad. Hence, it is one of the best and popular Sherpa residency areas and gateway of Everest Himalayan trekking trails.

Here are the Major 8 Facts about Namche bazaar that gives you some useful information about the trekkers and some major attractions of Namche bazaar within Khumbu Everest territory.

1.Acclimatization point for Trekkers

Namche Bazaar is a popular resting point where trekkers Stop for Acclimatize at least one day which helps trekkers a lot not to have mountain sickness way up to upper part of Khumbu Region.

If you are heading to Gokyo, Gokyo Chola pass, or Everest base camp & Kalapather trek you can go and visit Beautiful Khumjung village and Kunde where many Sherpa climbers born. Khumjung got also Hillary school, Stupa, an old monastery, and amazing snow cap Mountain views. You can make just 2 hours hiking from Namche to get Khumjung that will helps you a lot not to have AMS plus ins same time you can see more.

2. Namche is a Administrative Center

Namche bazaar is the biggest mountain trade center in the Khumbu region. It is a small mountain town but it is also an old historical town where now many offices, Banks, Check the post for trekkers, police post, Army barrack, Banks, etc. Besides those official sectors, there is also the immense opportunity to see wild animals by evening time near Namche, such as Danfe(national bird of Nepal), mountain goat, Phasent, and many other creatures.

3. Weather and Temperature of Namche

Namche Bazaar is located on 3,440 m which is quite high from sea level. When the winter season begins the weather will be cloudy and the temperature becomes low makes it very cold and dry around Namche but the Summer season becomes warm and the warmest Temperature will be about 12°C. the coldest month in the year is January with full of clods, humid, all frozen bathrooms and tap, and the highest coolest time will be about -10°C.

4. Sagarmatha National park information Center

Sagarmatha National park visitor center is a wide and informative place located to the right top of Namche where Army Camp is in Namche. you can walk about 20 minutes from the center parts of Namche to get there.

There are many unbelievable Photographs, real images of Animals, stones, and equipment of Everest Submitter. Besides information from that information center point, you can see the world’s tallest peaks Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and many other peaks around.

5. Fascinating Sherpa Museum

Cultural Sherpa museum at Namche slope

Sherpa Museum is one of the Major 8 Facts about Namche bazaar located at Namche hilltop Nearby Army Camp. Sherpa people have their own history and origination this is why they have their own local Languages, Culture, and way of living. Sherpa Museum trying to presents all about Sherpa’s lifestyle, customs, culture, and traditions.

There are 4 different rooms in that museum the first one it’s in an old building where you get to see Sherpa Daily uses utensils made of wood mostly and 2nd rooms it’s in the big buildings show you Sherpa people’s major activities in a photograph than 3rd one is the best one where you can see various Sherpa expedition and climbing history photographs including photos of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa.

The last major part to see in this Museum is a slideshow about khumu ‘s highlights, flora and fauna.

6. Saturday Market

Saturday market at Namche bazaar

Saturday market is a major attraction of Namche bazaar. This market begins from Friday evening to Saturday except for the night.

This market offers mainly so many goods and local products such as soap, noodles, butter, yak cheese, Chhurpi, vegetable, etc. this market is comparatively much cheaper than buying the goods from cold stores this is why on Saturday many local villagers above Namche they visit this market to buy the goods.

There are many porters who supply the goods from Lukla and Saturday they sell all goods and go back to their villages or Lukla. It is an interesting marketing system in the Himalayas.

7. Syanboche Airport

Syangboche airport is one of the Major 8 Facts about Namche bazaar located to the straight top hill of Namche Bazaar. It is about a 40-minute walk to reach Syangboche from Namche.

It is a rough airstrip that is not authorized that’s why there is no commercial flight but there are few Russian helicopter flights to supply the goods and heavy staff. This Airport probably the highest airport in Nepal.

8. Honorary Visit

Namche bazaar is a popular Sherpa village in the Khumbu region of Nepal. There are a few valuable worlds’ famous people who have also visited Namche. for ex: in October 1985, former US president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn visited this small Sherpa town Namche on a private helicopter, and also king Birendra Birbikram Shahadev visited Namche bazaar.

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