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Namaste & Welcome Nepal Everest Guide

Nepal, The land of the Himalayas, is one of the best Tourist Destinations in the World. It offers an abundance of Adventurous activities for the Adventure enthusiasts. The Himalayan Country of Nepal boasts of 8 out of the 14 highest Peaks in the World including Mt. Everest (8848 m){world's tallest Mountain Peak),The Topographical diversity of Nepal provides the chance to enjoy many different Adventurous activities including Trekking Adventure trek, Tours, Peak climbing, Rafting, Elephant Safari, Paragliding, Canoe, Homestay, Volunteering and Hiking so no.

It also offers you insights into many of the ethnic groups whose lifestyles and traditions remain unchanged.

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Why Freelance Guide?

Booking a guide or porter will allow you to travel your own path with peace of mind. We offer a no your own path with peace .We offer a no strings attached honest guide service:

24 hrs online customer service,
Reasonable price,
Experienced and field expert,
Flexible and customize your itinerary,
Responsible and Sustainable tourism

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