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Why Nepal Village tour?

  • Airport pickups and drops & also city tour when you Arrive,
  • Local Bus Drive to Dhading Basi,
  • remote area walking through several villages,
  • Ankhu Khola river where you can swim & go fishing, it is really clear Water,
  • Visit Khahare Bazzar,
  • Salyankot hilltop where you get to see really high Ganga Jamuna waterfall and Ganesh Himal, Manaslu & Langtang all mountain range.

Nepal Village tour is a new and unique concept for few years for those travelers who would like to make their holiday to the remote area to know the reality of people, their culture, and all their traditions. The homestay is a different experience as it is a direct way to be in contact with the locals which is a nice and friendly environment. Dhading homestay is one of the best and closes homestay program from Kathmandu as it is a really beautiful place where you get to see Ganesh Himal, Langtang, and Manaslu all mountains ranges and crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, and many other interesting localities along the way and when you reach to the place too.

The Nepal Village tour is a trek to see what life is really like in Nepal. First, we take a scenic bus ride to Dhading Besi and from here we walk to my village, Khahare. This typical Nepalese village is not frequented by tourists and so you will see how the average person lives in Nepal. You can meet my family and enjoy a lovely, organic, traditional home-cooked meal. From here we can walk up Sylankot, a beautiful hill with views over Ganesh Himal and Manaslu, and visit a historical Hindu temple ‘Tripurasundari’. This area has a real mixture of castes including Brahmin, Chettri, Tamang, and Magar. The Tamang and Magar still speak their own languages and wear their traditional costumes. The cultural mix is exciting. Other sights include the Ganga Jamuna waterfall. It is a beautiful valley that I am proud to call my home and look forward to sharing with you.

Nepal Village tour price:

The price of the Nepal Village tour generally depends on the number of visitors however, the Nepal Village tour package price for 2 nights 3 days costs 150 US per person. The price includes your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bus ticket, basic Accommodation, guide fees, and taxes.

If you need more information about the Nepal Village tour, please can directly drop your message at

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Nepal Village tour Outline

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Khahare.

Day 02: Hike to Salyankot and back to Khahare via Chisapani.

Day 03: Explore local farm and village.

Day 04: Drive to Kathmandu.

What's included?

  • Airport/Hotel/Airport picks up and drops by private car.
  • 2 nights hotel in Kathmandu.
  • All Grounded transportation as per program.
  • 1expert tour guide for Kathmandu valley sightseeing.
  • Meals (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) and all accommodations during the trekking with local people.
  • A highly experienced well-trained government license holder guide, and all the programme expansion.

What's not included?

  • Your Travel Insurance,
  • Nepal entry Visa fees,
  • International Airfare and Airport Tax,
  • Your Travel Insurance,
  • Drinks and food in the city,
  • Tip for staff (Guide, Porter, and driver).

Day by Day Itinerary

Drive from Kathmandu to Dhading Gola Bhanjyag, it's about 4 hours’ drive, we trek to Khahare through some traditional local village and forested nature trails.

Trek to the Salyankot viewpoint to see a popular waterfall (Ganga Jamuna) and the nice view of Ganesh Himal and Manaslu without backpack, it's like day walk and back to the village (Khahare), when we arrive at the place where we sleep guide and the locals will let you know how to cook Nepali dishes and you can join with them.

Today, you will explore the traditional village, introduce with locals, chat with them, visit their farm and family and if you are interested to swim in the river, you can visit also river with the locals. So, today your time well spent with the locals which is really unique experience and it is safe to do all with locals.

After your wonderful time with local families and locals you are taking the direct public bus from the village to Kathmandu. The bus ride to Kathmandu is a another experience with locals and still you have incredible scenic views and rolling green hill views before enriching Kathmandu.

Departure Dates

Sorry, No fixed departure dates are listed to group join, please request private trip


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Michael & Monika

Michael & Monika

Best trek and tour guide

It’s seldom that you end up getting more than you expect. That was the case of our recent trip to the remote villages with Santosh. Santosh took us to the villages and we spent 3 amazing days with his parents and relatives. It was truly amazing to experience a village life in Nepal. We spent hours chatting to his parents, uncle and auntie- of course Santosh was also a great translator 🙂 We learned how to cook the best chicken curry and tried the best Dhal Bhat ever! Santosh is also very knowledgeable person and explained us a lot about local customs, traditions and culture. Santosh is a great person with a lot of great humor We really enjoyed the time spent together and after all we became a good friends! The whole experience was nothing short than awesome ! I would not hesitate to recommend Santosh to anyone looking for a great experience in Nepal!

Essential Information

​How Can I get Nepal visa?

To get a visa for Nepal is an easy once you arrive in TIA Kathmandu you can get visa within 20 minutes, you just need to get 2 p.p size photo, your passport and some money, such as 15 Days stay in Nepal cost 25 USD per person, 30 USD for 30 Days and 100 USD for 3 month tourist a visa. All service you will get easier when you arrive at Kathmandu airport.

​Where is the best area to trek in Nepal?

There are so many trekking routes in Nepal, but few of them are really popular as it is nicer than many other treks in Nepal. Everest base camp trekking, Gokyo lake trekking, Annapurna base camp trekking, Annapurna circuit trek, Poon hill trek these are the most popular trekking route in Nepal. If you prefer to visit restricted area or, rural area to explore the localities of Nepal there are so many options that we have and you can visit safely.

​Which season is the best to travel to Nepal?

Nepal is a rich in biodiversity as it has many temperature and climate within a few hour drives. So, as we have four seasons in a year we trek mostly in the winter (Sep - Dec) and spring (March - June). The best season of the year is Sep to Dec, you will have clear weather and spectacular view each day this is why people used to call the best season of the year.

​What type of equipment do I need to bring for the trek?

The trekking equipment will depend on where you are going if you are trekking to Everest base camp or Annapurna base camp trek you should bring proper equipment such as down Jacket, Sleeping Bag, Windproof pant so no. You have to bring this trekking equipment which is as below:

  • Sleeping bag, torch,
  • Down Jacket,
  • Trekking poles, a pair of T-shirt and pair Pant,
  • A Pair of sucks and Sun Glass,
  • General medicine,
  • Rucksack and day bag,
  • Windproof jacket, Gloves, warm hat,
  • Inner paint and thermal,

​Can I trek in Nepal?

Yes, you can easily trek in Nepal because there are so many trekking routes. If you are going to trek in Nepal for the first time, you can make the easy trek to Poon hill, or Langtang trek these are an easy walking trek. If you are adventurous trekkers you can go to Everest base camp, Gokyo treks, Chola pass trekking, Annapurna base camp, Annapurna circuit trek etc. So you consult with your local travel agent when you decide to go to Nepal which is the best area upon your pace.

​Can I get an experienced guide in Nepal?

Yes, you can get an experienced guide in Nepal if you book your trip by trekking company or agent. You have to check very well who is going with you through your agent than figure out he is a nice guy or not. There are so many options, but manly package trekking and day ways salary base trekking.

​What is the price of Everest trekking?

There are so many trekking and travel company who organize all trekking and touring activities in Nepal, and they have their own strategy and price but the fact of the trek is the same so if you are in Nepal to make Everest base camp trekking and if you are alone it cost comparatively more than groups, in general for solo trekkers Kathmandu to Kathmandu 12 days Everest base camp trek cost 1,299 USD and if you are two people going there cost 1199 USD. If you are budget travelers still you can save some money with this cost, but this price is just enough to do all activities during your 12 days time up to the mountain. You have more than 8 people in your group one get a free trip while you are in Nepal except for your domestic flights.

​What is the maximum weight for a Porter in Nepal?

Nepal's tourism board published some rules and regulation for porters who used to work generally with tourist they carry 25 kg, so in general you will get one porter for two trekkers it means one trekker need to make their weight about 12.5 kg and if you have extra clothes or any extra things that you bought from your country you can leave in hotel locker in Kathmandu once you are back you will get it, it is safe.

​What is the maximum weight can I take to Lukla in a plane?

Flying to Lukla we will be in a small plane, whereas just 14 to 16 people in one plane, it is small this is why there is short of strict rules need to be just 15 kg per person as a luggage and small day bags as a hand carry you can take with you. If you have any extra things in your bag you can leave in Kathmandu hotel before you leave than it helps a lot to repack and to follow the rules. Still, after repacking your bag have more than 15 kg you have to pay 5 USD per kg than you can fly in or out.

​How much do I need to tip for guide and porter?

Tipping things is not compulsory but it is highly expected from field staff during your trek in Nepal such as waiter Driver, Guide Porters. Mainly if you are in Nepal and doing more than a week trip with a guide or with porter you can tip about 100 USD for Guide and 80 USD for Porter but if they make your special trip with lots of information take care and you feel safe all the time with them than you can add more tip on top of that.