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The Kingdom of Himalaya is known as Nepal as it is one of the most popular countries for trekking, hiking, and adventure trips on the Planet. Nepal is also one of the richest countries for water resources, wilderness, Massif landscapes, the world’s deepest gorge, and wide speared valleys, these are the major reasons why Nepal is so popular for adventure activities.

The adventure trips in Nepal design for those visitors, who have a sort of dream to venture around the Himalayas throughout the remote part of Nepal. The Adventure trips provide the heart-beating thrills to experience the real nature, wilderness, and unique tour in different scenery. Some travelers wish to face the adventure activities all the time in their life as a passion, however, Adventure trip in Nepal offers the ultimate opportunities to get up close from the real nature, where there are some best activities such as Bungee jump, Rafting, Kayaking, Paragliding, Ultra-light flights, Mountain flight, Helicopter flight, cannoning, Mt. Expeditions and Peak Climbing.

As a local trekking company with 15 years of working experience we have earned a quite nice reputation from our clients and colic thus, as per your desire, time and budget we will manage your wonderful adventure trips all around Nepal at a reasonable price.