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Nepal Travel Guide

Before you leave your hometown or before traveling to Nepal you should know some really important information. Nepal is a small landlocked country located in south-east Asia between Massif India and Nepal. There are many towering peaks including Mt. Everest and Also the world’s deepest gorge, diverse culture and languages, and friendly people.

The Nepal travel guide will help you to know about the fact of Nepal, it’s culture and geographical features as it is important. The local life, remote people and their vibrant culture, Travelling region, safety, guide, porters, passport and visa info all you should keep in your mind before you leave your home for your travel. I really hope that the following few pieces of information and topic will help you to make your wonderful trip to Nepal.

Best of Nepal

  • Buddha was born in Nepal,
  • Among 14 world’s tallest peak over 8000 meters mountain, 8 are already in Nepal,
  • Some research says that the snowman (Yeti) were in Nepal’s mountain.
  • Nepal is known as a country of Mt.Everest,
  • There are over 123 languages and 80 different ethnicities in Nepal,
  • There is living goddess Kumari in Nepal,
  • Nepal is probably the only one country which has a flag with two triangles shaped.
  • Nepal is a popular country for Rafting and Kayaking,
  • The Annapurna circuit trek is listed in the top ten best world’s trekking destination,
  • According to the travelers, Nepali people are the kindest and friendly people ever,
  • Nepal celebrates so many festivals because we have many ethnicities,

How to travel in Nepal

By Air:

The easy way to enter Nepal is by Air as we have about 12-13 major international Airlines company who make the flight in and out of Nepal. The major air company who makes the flight in and out of Nepal are as follows:

  • Nepal Airlines, Thai air, Turkish Air,
  • Biman Bangladesh, Qatar Airways, China Airlines
  • Druk Air, Gulf Air, Silk Air, Air India,

mostly these are the airlines who make the flight to Nepal and from Nepal to another country.

By land :

Traveling to Nepal by land is another option for travelers as it is cheaper though. Nepal is a small country where the 3 sides cover from India in the east, west, south and one direction in the north is China, Tibet. So if you want to visit Nepal by land then you have to come to view those two options either India or Tibet. There is quite some entry point between India and Nepal however, you can enter Nepal from those borders which are as follows:

  • Mahendra Nagar, Dhangadi & Bhairahawa
  • Nepalgunj and Kakarbhitta, Birgunj and Belhiya

Similarly, entering to Nepal fromChinaa you have enter from the north side via kodari pass. Noted that your passport is required.

Departure Tax:

Passengers departing from the Tribhuvan International Airport are required to pay an airport tax.