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Short and easy trekking is suitable for almost all kinds of travelers who have no previous trekking and hiking experience. The short and easy trek generally oriented in a lower loop area which is warmer and safer to trek that means all kind of travelers can make it as it is easy and cheap. There are many trekking regions and trails in Nepal mainly there are 4 major areas where hundreds of trekkers visit each day such as Everest region, Annapurna Region, Manaslu Region & Langtang Region.

The short and easy trek you will be walking in lower altitude, 4 to 6 hours walk a day through local villages and farming land. This type of trek will not take you to the high-risk area as it is a short and easy trek. During your short and easy trek in Nepal, you will have an immense opportunity to get close to Towering Mountains, rolling green hills, waterfalls countryside villages, and many interesting things. This trekking is a perfect option for trekkers who especially can’t afford expensive trek or long-duration trek.