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How to hire a trek & tour Guide in Nepal

25 Mar 2019 NEG

How to hire a trek & tour Guide in Nepal

I am an independent trekking guide in Nepal and also a Trek/Tour operator all around Nepal, especially to the Everest and Annapurna trekking region. As a guide in the mountain for 15 years How to hire a trek & Tour Guide in Nepal is a very common question from my clients and also others I could hear while we are on trek. basically, your guide should have some knowledge about trekking region, culture, speak good English, the license holder and honest on duty.

for the mountain region. I have a few experienced trekking guides who have been working for 15 years, 18 years, and above. I employ them when I have a busy season (Sept to Dec) as they are from remote parts of Nepal and I would like to contribute them to generate the local economy.

There are many problems among the guides and porters about their food and accommodation especially. In the Everest region trek, the porters have to sleep outside of The lodge where they have a basic bed, food, and blanket. Sometimes they may not be able to find a bed to sleep in that freezing cold temperature but as a Guide, for 15 years now I have seen and hear so many stories from them thus, I pre-book their inn where they have to sleep during the Everest trek.

Likewise, I also manage their insurance in case if they got mountain sick and other problem as I treat them fairly.

All my guides and porters who work with me, are all train Guides by the Government of Nepal, After 6 weeks of proper course and training, the guide will get an authorized license and become a trained Guide. Trekking guide license training course is organized by TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal) and Nepal Academy of Tourism  & Hotel Management(NATHM) it is once a year you can apply. While you are guided training course you will get a chance to learn about various useful topics such as First Aid, About mountain sickness, Culture, flora, fauna and other many topics.

There are few important things that you need to consider before you hire your guide whether you hire from a trekking agency or a freelance/independent guide you should make sure you have an experienced English-speaking guide and friend.

1. Are they licensing holder of Nepal Government and insured?

Most of the countries’ guides are generally authorized by the relevant government office, so you should know your guide is an authorized person or not? Is he experienced and smart? Is he insured just in case if he is sick in the mountain he need evacuation so dear trekkers you should know those answer and decide you are talking him or her?

There are many links and blogs of freelance/independent guides you can choose those people too because those people who have their own guide webpage means he/she generally a smart people and authorized person too so you have a choice.

2. Is you hiring guide is experienced?

Generally, many trekking Guide starts as a porter, learn some language; learn about the trekking route and clients facing skills and they begin to trek as a guide. So you should talk to your guide whether he is a well-known person on the trek or not you can see his confidence and his way of talking.
The experienced guide makes much different t to make your wonderful trek because he is well known for the fact of a specific area, you can gain many traditional things, you are safe you feel.

The experienced guide knows many mountain techniques and AMS sickness treatment, weather change and estimated distance, and one more thing that you should ask yourself how many times he lead the group towards that destination.

So, hiring a guide not a big deal to find but go through those ideas and tip it may help to find an experienced guide.

3. Can we talk to him/her?

There are thousands of trek and tour guides in Nepal. Most of the trekking guides speak quite good English who can talk easily to their clients but there don’t have proper knowledge about culture, religion, traditions so when you are here in Nepal you are already from a long distance from your home this is why you need perfect English speaking trekking guide who would lead you and your trek perfectly and make a memorable trip. The experienced guide has so many different rates from 25 USD a day to 100 USD a day you have plenty of choices.

If you are thinking to save some money and hire a low-cost guide you may not have an experienced good guide as per your plan generally they are doing this job part-time and the other time they are students so try to find a proper guide and his past experienced and talk to him how well he can talk about the field than you decide.

4. What do they do in the off-season?

It is a bit out of your trip questions but it really helps you to know your hiring guide who is he and his sight life apart from the guide.

After all of that communication regarding your trek you already know if he is handling positively he/she is going with you as a guide and you find the right person, which makes you feel better in the new and different country.

If the conversation goes on sometimes and if you learn something from your hiring guide.

5. How many people on the trek?

Treks and touring activities is a fun activity mostly with friends and family so you should be aware that your group size if you join with a big group more than 10 people for example; that’s a big group it means you can get a very good price because the guide/porters and accommodations are sharing and also the transport this is why you may get cheaper than if you trek less than 5 people in your group.

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