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Everest base camp trek preparation

11 Apr 2020 Santosh Gauli

Everest base camp trek preparation

Everest base camp trek preparation needs to be well prepared to make your memorable Journey without any obstructions.

The Everest base camp trek is the world’s popular trekking trail and the dream destination of many hikers. There are many things to know before you begin the trek. Everest base camp trek is an adventure journey throughout the Sherpa town, Rivers, Alpine landscapes, and many interesting Natural things.

Everest base camp trek preparation means your physical fitness and mental preparation, these factors should be fine from every perspective. so, at least 8 to 12 weeks of training is required before you trek to the Everest trekking region. Physical training helps especially to your cardio endurance, strength endurance, comfortable carrying a backpack uphill and downhill so priory training is very important.

Many Everest base camp trekkers, only dream to reach Everest base camp but They never think about essential information and trek preparation so physical fitness, hygienic foods, trip information are required before you begin your EBC trek.

Trekkers are highly recommended to know about some important questions and answers related to Everest base camp trekking, such as what to take? What to wear? When to go? Guides and Porters required or not etc.

Would you like to know more about Everest base camp trek?

Big yes and don’t worry about the EBC trek, As you know that Everest base camp trek is a venture in the High Himalaya, where there are many obstacles to face thus, Everest base camp trek preparation is the finest way to complete the trip.

We have made a list of tips about Everest base camp trek preparation with quality information, which will help you to be well prepared for the trip.

Table of Content:

  • Physically & mentally prepared,
  • Everest base camp trek packing list,
  • Food provided by Tea Houses,
  • Weather and Temperature,
  • Be informed about the Everest base camp trek,
  • Permits and Documents,
  • Lukla to EBC trek difficulties,
  • Are There Money exchange and ATMs?
  • Mountain sickness,
  • Hiring Guide and Porters,
  • Consult with Doctors,
  • Lukla flight delay and cancellation,
  • Conclusion.

Physically & mentally prepared

While trekking in the Himalaya your Physical fitness is mandatory, similarly trekking to Everest base camp is an adventure trip thus your physical fitness and mentality need to be well prepared.

Everest base camp trek itself is an adventure journey and it is not only a walking activity it is also the Hiking over the massif cliff and high elevation.

Everest base camp trek is moderate but it is not so easy for those people who have a sedentary daily lifestyle so that Physical fitness and mentality should be well prepared.

There are many challenging areas along the route, so you are highly recommended to train at least a few weeks before you begin your EBC trip.

However, your willpower helps you a lot to complete the trip without any obstruction.

Everest base camp trek Packing list:

Everest base camp trek is an adventure journey throughout the remote villages and difficult Mountain cliffs so, your packing list may differ a lot for your trip. There are many things to take with you and also many things to discard. However, you should take what is really essential for your trek and try to make your light backpack.

Some people carry just unnecessary equipment while traveling and some people carry few clothes only so it needs to be well prepared and just bring what you really need for your comfortable trip.

Furthermore, During your trek in the Everest region, few trekking gears are advisable for example pair of trekking pants, a Sleeping bag, a Down jacket, a pressure indicator(Oxy-meter), trekking shoes, a warm hat, sunglass, Gloves, windproof jacket, and rucksack.

Your Hassle-free trip to Everest base camp is no doubt possible if you are well-prepared with the EBC trek packing list.

Food provided by Tea Houses:


Food along the route of Everest base camp is all Normal but more or less you can try all different tastes of food provided by tea houses. Most of the tea house along the route of EBC provides Rice, Curry, Dal (Lentils), which is called Dhal-Bhat and it is Traditional local food of Nepal. While you are trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal, Dhal-Bhat is the best and quickest food.

Besides Tradition food along the trail, you can also find Dumpling food, fried rice, Fried Noodles, Pasta, Tea, Coffee, Egg Items, Burger, sandwiches, and some Indian dishes.

However, foods are easily available in every single restaurant but try not to eat meat or fish items dishes that are not fresh and suitable food for your stomach.

Furthermore, all the goods of Tea Houses transported by Local porters, Yaks, and donkeys so, don’t waste the food, next don’t drink alcohol above 3,500 meters and try not to smoke for your safety trip as they dehydrate your body and you may get mountain sickness.

Weather and Temperature:

Way to EBC

Everest base camp weather is no doubt a very cold trekking destination but if you trek during autumn (Oct & Nov) relatively the temperature will be better than other months and the weather is the best time to trek.

Although, the best trekking time or season for Everest base camp is in autumn and Spring Seasons. Many trekkers ask why the spring and autumn season the best time for Everest base camp trek is. It is simple to answers them that weather residues wonderful, very less Chance of Lukla flight cancellation, Each and every single tea house opens which means you can stop wherever you want for food, drink or stay, many choices. So Everest base camp trek during autumn and spring season, Weather and temperature ways is the best time to visit.

Monsoon (June to Aug.) and winter season (Dec to Feb) is also possible if you have will power to face an adventure journey plus, these are also very less touristy times if you love to explore the area in a tranquil environment. Trekking to EBC during winter and monsoon seasons is not advisable because there are many chances of flight cancellation, unpredictable weather, few tea houses are open only, not many choices of foods so monsoon and winter seasons are only suitable for those people who do love to enjoy his/her time peacefully, easy-going and adventure lovers.

The lowest temperature during your Everest base camp trek in the autumn season is about -10 degree centigrade at Night, likewise day time about 13 degrees centigrade.

Monsoon is the relatively hottest month to trek but still during the night temperature drops till 2 Degree centigrade, winter is the coldest season that the weather drops at night about -20, and during the day about 10 Degree. Spring is the 2nd nicest trekking time from every perspective. The temperature gets quite cold about 3 degrees centigrade at Night and Day time will be about 15 Degree Centigrade.

Everest base camp and Kalapthar trek is highly recommended to visit in the season of spring and autumn seasons.

Be informed about Everest base camp trek

Everest base camp is a massive area where there are so many things to visit. So before you begin your adventure journey to Everest base camp you have to research and study some essential things related to the region.

There are quite some travelers, who want to explore the area without any information, some people love to join the group, and some people want to explore the area with local Guide or Porters so within your intention and purpose of your travel you have to get information in details for your safety trek.

Trekking to Everest base camp is an adventure Journey throughout the local Sherpa town and wonderful landscapes where there are dozens of Mountains, monasteries, history, and historical Valley so if you want to collect information and memories from the trek then hiring a guide or porter with is advisable.

Permits and Documents:

For your Everest base camp trekking, you should follow some rules and regulations provided by the Nepal government. Trekkers need to buy Sagarmatha National park permits, Travel insurance, Pasang Lamu Gaupalika entrance fee, and TIM card.

The next if you are hiring a porter or Guide them should also pay some fees to enter Sagarmatha National park and their insurance.

Lukla to EBC trek difficulties

Everest base camp trekking in Nepal is one of the best adventure trekking destinations thus; there are also some barriers to cross over.

At the beginning of your trek, the Short Lukla flight is a bit scary but more scenic than we trek to Phakding.

Lukla to Phakding route of Everest trek is the easiest trail that probably goes beyond the beautiful Sherpa village on gradual descends.

After Phakding, we follow the popular trails up to Namche Bazaar which is relatively a challenging day but the first 3 hours walk will be still easy along with the gradual ascents then the last 2 hours trek will be challenging as it is steep through the alpine forest.

Trek from Namche to Lobuche is about a 4-day journey. The route is not that difficult except 2 hours steep before reaching Tyangboche and 1 Hour steep route between memorial hill and Douglas.

Furthermore, the route after crossing Lobuche is a more sensitive zone because of high elevation thus you are advised to walk slowly at your own pace.

Lobuche to Gorakshep is an easy trail about 3 Hours but the route mostly leads you on a rocky path and arid zone.

Once you reach Gorakshep you are recommended to find your accommodation, get some quick food then trek to Everest base camp with your day pack. It is a long day but your exciting day. The route from Gorakshep to Everest base camp is on a rocky path along the valley takes about 2 hours to go and 2 hours way back to Gorakshep.

Your highest tea house in this trek is in Gorakshep to sleep at 5,180 meters.

Kalapathar is the next to visit after your wonderful memories from Everest base camp. Kalapathar is a popular view station to see Mt. Everest in a perfect shape.

After Kalapthar, we retrace the steps to Pheriche stay overnight, the next is Namche stay overnight than to Lukla.

In summaries, Everest base camp trekking is not that vast and difficult if you have an experienced guide, porter, preplan itinerary, strong willpower, and enough trekking gears.

Let’s explore the world’s Famous trekking trail and sky touching mountain.

Are there Money exchange and ATMs?

Yes, there is only one place where you can use ATMs at Namche and also some Money Exchange But not reliable so get enough cash in Kathmandu.

At Lukla, you can also find some money exchange but the rate will be low than in Kathmandu.

During your Everest base camp trek you can use only Local Currency (NPR).

Mountain sickness:

Mountain sickness is quite a common problem of trekkers for Everest trekking. It is extremely perilous in the high Himalayas, where there are very little Vegetation and thin air.

Some trekkers prefer to join the group; some of them want to explore themselves and others want to hire Guide-Porters. So whichever option you prefer to follow mountain sickness is mandatory to know and to collect information for your safety trek.

Trekkers may get Altitude Mountain sickness (AMS) during the Everest base camp trekking but with your strong willpower positivist, good pace of the walk, right itinerary, and experienced trekking guide will lead you straight to Everest base camp without any obstacles.

There are various symptoms of AMS but primarily shortness of breath, fatigue, insomnia, lack of appetite, vomiting, dizziness, dehydration, and severe headache is very common. If any hikers get these symptoms while trekking in the high elevation area then you are advised to use medication and also consult with your guide and friends.

As you know that Everest base camp and Kalapathar trek is a fabulous and equally magnificent trekking destination but you’re caring, well preparation and positivist are always required. However, during your Everest trekking and Everest base camp trekking, you may get Mountain sickness but with your few effective care you can complete the trip.

There are many tips you may like and follow but don’t miss reading the following useful tips about mountain sickness for your safe and joyful EBC trek.

  • Trek and walk at your own pace,
  • Trek with Local Guide or Porters,
  • Avoid smoke and cigarette,
  • Don’t Drink above Namche Bazaar(3,450 m)
  • Rest and Acclimatize at least 2 days way up to EBC
  • Drink plenty of water but recommended boiled and mineral waters,
  • Use hot bag while sleeping,
  • Take warm sleeping bags and warm jackets,
  • Push yourself to eat enough,
  • Be Positive and do some train before your trek,
  • Get higher from the Lodge after reaching your settlements every day,
  • Take Garlic Soup by dinner time- it is recommended by local Sherpa and climbing guide,
  • Don’t sleep alone,
  • Take some energy bar and snacks,
  • Don’t miss to buy Diomax (It is the proper best medicine for high altitude sickness)

Hiring Guide and Porters:

Everest Base Camp-5364

Many trekkers research guides and porters for their trek to Everest base camp which is important too. The major trekking season for Everest base camp trek is in autumn (Mid of Sep – End of Nov) and Spring Season (March – may) when you can’t easily find your experienced trekking Guide and the price of guide and porters may be slightly more but they will take you to your destination without any problems.

The next, many Everest trekkers Google Hiring Guide and Porters, but there is much information. However, Hiring guides and porters for the Everest base camp trek is an easy task. You can hire your guide through the internet and recommended word to search freelance guide in Nepal, Nepal Everest guide, Independent guide maybe your great choice of word to find the right person as a guide and he will manage your porters too.

Trekking through the travel agency is the best way to trek whereas Food, permits, entrance fees, Guide salary, porter salary, guide and porters included and everything well managed but if you just book your guide from Lukla without knowing anybody than that is not the secure way.

Furthermore, the cost of Guide for Everest base camp trek is about $30 US a day similarly, $25 US for Porter a day. Hiring a guide means you are doing a well-managed trek, detailed information about localities and country, porters carry your big luggage hence Take a guide or porter for your successful trek but if you have desire to trek Everest base camp without Guide or Porters that is also possible.

Consult with Doctors:

Trekking to the Everest region is a challenging venture thus; you should meet or consult with your doctor before you plan your trek to Everest.

In the beginning, before you decide on your Everest base camp trek, you should be aware of your health condition is it is really important. If you are physically and mentally fit and fine then you can trek to the High altitude area without any obstructions. Trekkers especially if they have the problem of Blood pressure, sugar, asthma, and Heart-related disease, have to consult with Doctors related to their trek to Everest base camp.

Without any information from your doctor, you may get mountain sickness thus, trip-related consultation is recommended and next, you should also check your whole body and be aware of altitude around the Everest region of Nepal.

Also, don’t forget to keep some important medicine for Acute mountain sickness (AMS) advised by your doctors.

Lukla Flight Delay and Cancellation to/from Lukla

Lukla Airport

Kathmandu to Lukla is relatively a scary flight that takes about 30 minutes. Lukla airport is a gateway to the Everest region trek.

Everest trekking and Everest base camp trek are the world’s top ten best trekking destinations to explore high Himalaya, Unique old bushiest culture locally made Monastery and huge Glaciers.

Lukla airport is made by the short airstrip and a narrow in the east north of Nepal thus, if there is a bit of cloud or lack of visibility there are many flights cancel every day. However, only if there are clear weather and not strong wind there are quite some flights.

There are many reasons why flights get delay or Cancellation to/from Lukla. You will be informed one by one as bellows:

Is the flight to Lukla Safe?

In 2009, Lukla was listed as the world’s dangerous airport but it is not that scary flight that you are thinking.

However, Lukla Tenzing Hillary airport now is safe to fly whereas many technologies and developed advanced towers.

In the past, there was some crash but since few years there are almost no crashes because of well new technology, management and added few new aircraft.

As you know that Lukla airport is the busiest airport in Nepal especially during the peak trekking season Mid of September to End of November (Autumn season) and March to May (Spring season). There are about 35 to 40 flights every day which means 400 to 500 Everest passengers and local people fly into/from Lukla in October and November.

There is some big trekking Agency that wants their clients on a first phage Flight because the first few flights are always sure hence, you are suggested to send your passport details as early as possible when you book your Everest trek.

In the Mountain weather is unpredictable and in the case of Lukla airport after 11 to 12 am, the weather gets always clouds and you may get strong wind too so that there are many chances of flight cancellation so try your best to buy your Lukla ticket on the first or second flight that is always sure to fly in and out of Lukla.

Flight delay and cancellation to/from Lukla are very common but during Monsoon (June to August) and winter season (December to End of February) is almost never sure what time you fly because of irregular weather so try to visit the Everest region during autumn (Mid of September to End of November) and Spring ( March to May) for stable weather.

Next, your additional days on your itinerary are recommended for a flexible Everest trek and your international flight in case if there is bad weather occurred.  At least 2 days need to be extra on top of your Everest base camp trek itinerary as it is advisable.


Everest base camp trek preparation gives you many ideas and skips many obstacles. Everest region is one of the hardest adventure journeys thus, your need to research very well, get information about the area, talk to your friend then you will complete the trek and collect many memories.

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