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Off the beaten path treks in Nepal

25 Mar 2019 NEG

Off the beaten path treks in Nepal

Off the beaten path treks in Nepal is a unique way to explore the real countryside life, their Customs, Culture & Interesting Traditions. This type of trekking region doesn’t have Tea houses/ Lodges this is way off the beaten path trekking has to be organized in Camping (Tented Camp) Style & the trail will be more natural compared to other trekking regions as well as the wonderful trekking experience.

Off the Beaten path treks in Nepal is a new concept for a decade because the popular trekking region always has too many people which is not so nice for quiet trekkers so that off the beaten path treks will meet their needs.

Nepal is one of the most popular countries for trekking purposes in the World as we have the world’s tallest mountain and many other high region area trekking routes. There are so many beautiful trekking regions, World heritage sites, and Religious sites which are still well preserved.

Off the beaten path treks in Nepal offers immense opportunity to get close to Real Nature, traditions, landscapes & you can see also so many unspoiled Beauty of Many Mountain range beside them traditional village, local languages, so many different Culture, Countryside life, Exotic Plants, Hidden Valley, Rivers, Streams, Waterfall, Farming, etc. The trail Ares is quite steep and rough as it is more natural.

The yaks Grazing, so many wild animals, Rhododendron forest’s incredible range of high mountains makes each step very memorable and catchy. the beaten path trekking itineraries are truly based on our research this is why we can organize nicely and also we can provide an experienced Trekking guide as it is really important. Hence, this type of trekking experience shows you everything in reality, and you get close yourself to the nature and wild animals so it is our humble request to our clients that off the beaten path treks need to be improved or any feedback plz that will be awesome and our vision in tourism will be a success too.

Remote area trekking provides you with so many opportunities to see what are real villagers, what they do, how they survive, what are the major income sources, and other unknown things that you can see during the beaten path trek. The 21st century’s people want to stay quiet and peaceful so off the beaten path is the best way to get close to nature, culture, and traditions.

There are a few popular off the beaten area trekking in Nepal which is as bellows:

Ganesh Himal Trekking route

Ganesh Himal trek

Ganesh Himal trekking is an adventure trip for those who are fed up with work and had enough trekking experience in the most popular trekking areas In the Himalayas of Nepal as it is a perfect Off beaten path trek in Nepal.

This less touristic trekking route provides us a great opportunity to explore the hidden valley, the unspoiled cultural ruby valley, and the unique Tamang and Gurung Villages.

The culture and traditions during this trek will be quite similar to Tibetan culture but the people are innocent, friendly, and warm-hearted, however, Ganesh Himal trekking is truly a natural off the beaten area trek in Nepal.

Nar-Phu Valley Trekking

Nar-Phu valley trekking is a natural Himalayan wilderness, which is located in the alluring region In the Mid north of Nepal. It is one of the most visited Off the beaten trekking path in Nepal and it is one of the newly opened trekking routes which will take you to the very remote and natural areas of Manaslu and Annapurna.

The Nar-Phu valley trek offers you spectacular mountain peaks, Tibetan culture, and unbelievable Landscapes along the a heavenly-made Natural trek where you can experience real adventure in the hidden valley.

Rara Lake Trekking

Among many Off beaten path treks in Nepal, the Rara lake trekking is one of the natural Incredible off the beaten path trekking in Nepal which is quite far from the capital city of Kathmandu but it is a truly beautiful trekking located in the northwest of Kathmandu in the very remote region Karnali.

In this trekking you will get to know about real village life in the Himalayas, Glimpse of Culture and paradise wide scenic valley and towering tall mountains in the background.

Rara lake is the largest lake in Nepal which is in a very high mountain region at 3050 meters.

Is off the Beaten path trek in Nepal is safe?

Well, Off the Beaten path trek means relatively you are trekking in a remote area where very few trekkers visit so the security is not 100 % as it is remote itself but what we can say is Nepal is a safe country and if you have few friends with you, guide or porters with than you can trek to off the beaten area very confidently because the remote village area people do not speak English so that if you have guide he will translate and share many local cultures with you so it is safe to go to off the beaten area trek but highly recommended you to have a guide or porter at least.

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