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Excellence trekking guide in Nepal

25 Mar 2019 NEG

Giusy Bertolotto

The trip to Nepal was a great experience.  I organized the tour (10 days) with Santosh Gauli. Very good flexibility on his part to change the program to suit our needs (both of time and things to see). Santosh welcomed us at the airport and we have always followed the best. I was really happy with his organization of all the programs for us, Santosh Gauli is the best guide ever and he is really helpful, caring, and polite with everyone. Santosh Gauli, in addition to being very knowledgeable about the mountains, is very well prepared for the most culture of Nepal, in fact, thanks to him we could learn more about the culture and customs of the people of Nepal. Advice to those who want to organize a trip to Nepal to book with this guy Santosh because we really enjoyed his hospitality and caring. Good luck !!!!!!!

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