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How to choose the best trekking agency and professional guide?

25 Mar 2019 NEG

best trekking agency

Nepal is a small country located in the eastern part of Asia. It is a small landlocked country has so many Culture, ethnicity, Multi religion and rich in biodiversity this is why there are so many travelers used to go to Nepal to explore all of them and in the same time they always asked, which are the best trekking agency and professional guide? Travelers need to have authentic information about the related destinations they are heading to.

There are so many popular and stunning trekking routes and they are the major attraction of traveling to Nepal. It is a culturally and naturally rich country including so many interesting histories.

The people of Nepal are relatively friendly and kind, according to the previous traveler’s feedback moreover, it is one of the best countries for adventure & Cultural travelers.

When you travel to Nepal especially in the Himalayas and cultural sites then you never forget this country. We can’t give a guarantee which is the best trekking agency in Nepal but there are a few important things that you should consider before you choose your travel Agency/Company and your Guide in Nepal.

Nepal is mostly depending on tourism and there are so many trekking and tour agencies, about 3000  Trekking Agency thus, when you plan your holiday to Nepal it must be really hard for you which is the best agency and which one is not best, similarly who is the best guide and who is not.

so this is just my experience for 5 years as a guide and tour operator I would say you should type freelance guide in Nepal, local guide Nepal, experienced guide in Nepal and see his all profile he is on the picture or not at the background of mountains because now there are so many trekking agencies who never been to the mountain and says we are working since many years, but that is all fake so whoever you choose you should see his profiles, photo gallery, his way to talk, just check he has field knowledge or not these are the main keys what is a good agency or good guide.

Authorized trekking agency or not

The first important thing to know before you book your trip is Authorized trekking agency or not? As you know that there are some government offices where travel agencies need to get permission and register their property if they want to work legally for example you have to check your travel agency is listed or not in Nepal tourism board(NTB), Nepal Mountaineering Association(NMA), Trekking agencies association of Nepal (TAAN), Pan Number, Company Register, etc.

There are some travel agencies that still work without having an Authorized license from the Nepal government that you should avoid as they are working illegally, therefore, for your safety and best holiday trip in Nepal you should choose your legal travel agency and Mountain guide for your Holiday in Nepal.

Simply, when you Google the name of trekking agency in Nepal you can see thousands of websites, and you are suggested to check the company profile where most of the travel agencies upload their original authorized certificate which is also the quickest way to check they are legal or illegal trekking agency.

Compare the cost from different travel agency

As you know that there are so many travel agencies and tour companies in Nepal and they all have their own scheme at different costs for their clients.

The price of the program will depend on the quality services, the accommodation in city and mountain, Grade ways guide, size of group and transport (private or public) thus, there are so many factors that determine the price of trekking package in Nepal.

There are basically 3 different types of agency, the first one is low rate travel agency, who just give basic facilities and guide, the 2nd category of travel agencies are moderate who offers you the reasonable price and reasonable services, accommodation and Guide likewise the 3rd categories of travel agency gives you the best services as they can such as star hotel in the city, best tea house accommodation during the trek, private transport, domestic flight, experienced guide and porter, etc., therefore the prices always depend on the service section from a travel agency, however, you are highly suggested to check your travel agency’s official page, where you can check their details, service including section and services excluding section need to be checked, your meal, mode of transport, professional guide or not, lodges and hotels in city and mountain all you have to check it before you trust your travel partner in Nepal.

Noted that, some travel agencies and guides offer a trip on a very low budget compared to other travel agency but be aware that they skip some services than other travel agency and give you inexperienced guide this is why they offer the trip on a low budget.

When you sent your first email to the travel agency, you are suggested to check several travel agencies and the cost for the trip then you can decide after your comparison among them.

Check reviews of Travel Company:

Reviews and testimonials are the best way to get the actual information about trekking and travel Agency including their popularity and way of working strategies.

After every trekking and tour Program clients give feedback positively and negatively both but there is some travel company makes their feck reviews asking with an unknown person and inexperienced people that will not provide accurate information for future clients. There is some honest travel agency only give authority for genuine reviews which are good and give accurate information as it is helpful for new clients.

There are few international websites for the public all over the world that give you relatively accurate information such as trip advisor, lonely planet, Tour Radar, etc.

However, if you are booking your trip with someone who you never know then reviews can be the best way to explore the accurate data, information, strength of the agency, and many other professionalisms about the agency

Working experiences of Travel Company:

How to choose the best trekking agency and professional guide? it is very commonly asking questions from travelers.

The working experience of travel agency indicates some important things especially their reliability services and goodwill. If Travel Companies working fairly with every client without cheating then those travel companies sustain a long time in the tourism business as they can provide quality services and legal work.

There are some new but very good travel agencies in Nepal therefore; new travel agencies who just started to work for few years that agency have also a new concept, educated guides and porters, different business strategies, and unique thoughts.  There are not few things accurately determine your best travel agency in Nepal it is comparable with few different agencies and decide which one is best from many prospective.

About staff and Client’s safety from travel company:

Trekking and hiking itself are adventure trips in the mountain and difficult ways they are easy to trek, moderate trek, and strenuous trek, so far during the trek in the Himalaya all your field staff should be secured and your clients.

However, before you trust the travel agency you have to check their health insurance, emergency services, field staff insurance, medical kids, and trekking gears, as it is one of the most important factors of your trek in the mountain.

There are many things to check such as email, websites reviews company profiles, and period of work but the following few things you can check out before you book your trip.

  • Is all field staff having their insurance while they are in the mountain?
  • Do they provides oxygen if in case someone sick in the Mountain?
  • Check with your travel company if they provides you some medicine or not during the trek.
  • Are they able to provide emergency helicopter services or any other options if someone got sick during the trek?
  • How many guides and porters provide from the company if there is big agency?

Government-authorized Trekking Guide and Strong helpful porter:

The most important factor of your trip is the Guide porter that who will determine your trip either a very great trip or one of the worse trips ever because they will be with you all the time in the remote part of Nepal where you properly need their help and information thus, you have to be assured with your travel company that the guide and porter you are taking with you for trekking are smart, professional or now.

There are hundreds of trekking and travel companies now where they have hello effects which mean only relatives and friends get a job either, they are experienced or not they don’t care which is not good at all because many of those guides don’t know where to go, what to eat, safe to go or not and the geographical safety as it is really important to be sure with your travel company.

There are few categories of trekking guides according to the training from Nepal Academy of tourism and hotel management (NATHM) & trekking agencies association of Nepal (TAAN), as they categorized that A grade Guide -who can speak fluently English and some specific language, B grade guide -also speak English but not as good as A grade Guide likewise, C grade guide speak basic English and don’t know so many things around but still he can guide you on his own space of knowledge,   

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